Sunday, January 3, 2010

THE ELEM-6 DIET Tip for the Day #1

Take advantage of fleeting moments of motivation. One of my challenges is not so much what NOT to eat, but rather it is having decent choices available in my hectic day. Starting my 10-12 hour work day without a plan is to set myself up for failure. It's Sunday morning and I have great motivation (for now), so I'm cooking a big pot of oh-so-healthy chicken & wild rice soup. I'll put it into individual serving Tupperware and it should help me make good lunch choices all week. If you're not into cooking, at least go shopping to be sure that you have good snacks or quick meals ready for the week. For me its low-fat string cheese, apples, carrots & hummus and Fiber One bars. I'm a snacker, so my odds for success go way up if I have something quick to grab that isn't a doughnut.

Another way to take maximize a moment of motivation is to take radical action. Throw out the leftover cookies that have been your downfall all week. Clean out the fridge. Go buy the walking shoes. DO SOMETHING!! Your positive action will build more actions in a similar way that your failures can lead to more failures. Take that pattern and turn it on its head! (Then please share with us what you've done)


  1. Walking shoes- check
    Healthy food- check
    Healthy snacks- check
    Water- check
    Starting a new routine- bike ride with kids before homework time....
    Keeping a food journal starting today

  2. Way to go Beth! You are on your way and I'm betting on your success. Keep coming back. You can do this!