Monday, January 11, 2010

The Death of Freestyle Eating

Before we get too far into this we need to get real. Its time to get your brain in the game. As you probably already know, managing the thoughts and behaviors that keep you overweight is the true challenge. It is more how you eat rather than what you eat that should be your focus. Unless you alter some basic beliefs and behaviors that sabotage your successes, you will always end up back at the beginning. The dismal truth is that 80-95% of dieters gain back most or all of the weight they lost within two years. The ELEM lifestye is the way out of that disheartening statistic. The ELEM diet focuses on the how, not the what.

The cruelest myth of dieting is that you can finish a diet and get 'back to normal' once you reach your goal. "Ta-Da!! I'm done, now I can have PIZZA again!!" Your normal eating is what got you in trouble in the first place. At some level we all know the truth - the reality that you have to change how you eat F-O-R-E-V-E-R to stay at your ideal weight once and for all. Let's call it the Inconvenient Truth of dieting. We know the facts, but we want so much to find some magic solution that we ignore the truth. Diet books and programs make millions by selling us the next false magic solution. Denial is a wonderful thing, but its time to face the facts. The idea of freestle eating - eating all that you want, of whatever you want, whenever you want to - has to go. Bye-bye, kaput, done, gone. Time to GOMO - Get Over it, Move On.

The good news is that you never have to go on a diet again. How you eat on the ELEM becomes your new normal. It really is beautifully simple in concept. I was so mad about the failure of dieting that I vowed to NEVER DO IT AGAIN. NO counting calories, NO rules I would only break, NO weird unhealthy fads!! I knew I had to lose weight, but I had to find a way do it without going on a diet. My strategy was to just start eating like I would need to eat to maintain the goal weight I wanted. Theoretically, my weight should naturally adjust to my goal. Well, it wasn't all that easy, but that is basically what I did.

Your new truth is that you are building a deliberate and intentional ELEM lifestyle. One that fits you, one that you CAN live with. It's not one big huge change that you can't stick with - its hundreds of tiny adjustments that you try on for size and choose the ones that work for you. The more tiny changes you find that work, the easier it gets. Your weight loss will eventually merge into your new slim ELEM lifestyle. What is your tiny ELEM adjustment for today??

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